His hand closed around mine. His grip was tighter than usual. I looked up to see his face; he was calm even in chaos. He looked down at me, his eyes shining with excitement and worry. Confusion fell over me. Then he whispered, “run Karina run!”   

“What!” I yelled confusedly. Before I had time to process what was happening I was running like there was no tomorrow, the cherry blossom trees became a pink blur. We were running hand in hand on the busy streets of Seoul, thousands of eyes pried at us, but we didn’t care. “Why are we running Hanni!” I yelled, there was no response all I saw was the back of his head; his medium long blond hair was flying through the air due to the speed of our running.  He gripped my hand tighter, and then we made a sharp turn into a small alleyway, the sun had set and the small neon sign lit up the path. The moon had come up now and was shining brighter than ever. I couldn’t make out any objects in the alleyway except for this strange, life-sized metal box. It wasn’t a garbage can then what purpose could it have. As I tried to make out this strange box, there was a big jerk. I felt my aching body being pushed against the tattooed wall. “Shush!” Hanni whispered quietly “don’t move” before I could say anything, I felt Hanni’s body weight against mine. His arm was perched up against the wall to keep his balance but there was not much room between us. He had pulled us behind the strange box I was trying to make out. I could hear Hanni’s heavy breathing slow down, his hair had fallen into his eyes, and I  had the urge to brush it out of his face, but I was too entranced by the situation.

 I wondered what was the cause of us running? Was it because we were recognized by reporters? Paparazzi? Or maybe a fan? Even though we had masks and the most unfashionable clothing on? How? I wanted to ask Hanni, but instead, I trusted his decision. I am sure there was a reason behind his doing. I turned my head to look around the alleyway, I could feel Hanni’s gaze at me, but I was too shy to look back. I began distracting myself by running my fingers along with the dents and scratches of the strange box. I felt Hanni move in closer to me, and pull down my mask. “What was that for?”  I whispered shyly. He chuckled. “You’re really stupid sometimes,” he mockingly said. I didn’t bother answering him, instead, I just continued to run my fingers along with the cool metal box. I felt him brush my side bangs out of my face, I jumped a little. “Did I scare you?” He asked worriedly. I let out a silly giggle, before I could say anything more he quickly pulled me down. “ Duck!” He whispered. I was pressed up against him even more. I felt his breathing get heavier, and worry had fallen over his face again; I wondered what the problem was. “That was not Hwang Hanni with his girlfriend!” I heard a manly voice yell. “ Yes it was, I swear boss I am not lying!” responded a high-pitched girly voice. “You know what? You are fired! We ran after a random couple and scared them, you’re done! Don’t come back to work again!” The manly voice yelled back.  It was reporters, I should’ve guessed that. Sometimes I forgot that Hanni was a famous idol and that I was just an ordinary doctor who had somehow managed to become the famous Hwang Hanni’s girlfriend. It had almost been a year since we started dating. Sometimes I couldn’t believe it myself. I was so lost in my own thoughts that I never realized the two reporters had left.

We sat there for a few more minutes just in case there were more of them. As we waited I decided to rest my aching head on Hanni’s shoulder and I closed my tired eyes, the smell of his cologne was comforting. It smelled like a field of flowers, fresh yet calming. It had been a while since I had gotten a break from the hospital, and although I was severely sleep-deprived I wanted to spend my birthday with Hanni. After all, he was the closest thing to family I had since I moved to Seoul. I didn’t realize that while I had my head resting against his shoulder,  I had drifted off to deep sleep, I wasn’t sure how we ended up home, but I could feel the comfort of Hanni’s bed. The warm blanket wrapped around me felt healing for my tired body, the smell of his cologne lingered through the room. I felt Hanni’s arms wrap around my aching body, I could feel every muscle in his arms flex, I turned to face him. His hair was wet from the shower, and the smell of warm vanilla and honey lingered off of him. I nestled closer into his chest, I could hear his heart beating. It was strangely calming to listen to. I felt his fingers run through my shortish black hair. 

 “Karina,” he quietly announced my name. “Hmm.” I answered sleepily. “I am so sorry that your birthday didn’t go as planned. You know how it is when there are paparazzi and reporters, I can’t risk it, you know that right.?” I let out a sigh, “Hanni no please don’t feel sorry I had an amazing day, it was perfect, I got to spend it with you and honestly, my favorite part of this day is just-” before I could finish my sentence he pressed his lips against mine it was a soft yet sweet kiss,  I couldn’t see much of his face in the dark, but I felt him wrap his arm around me tightly and with swift graduation of intensity he made me want to cling to him. My heart was beating faster than usual. I felt the butterflies in my stomach and my whole body tingled with excitement. He began running his fingers through my silky black hair. He came back to a soft kiss again then stopped. His face was close to mine. I wanted to grab him and kiss him again, but  I resisted instead. I could hear him breathe heavily. And then he whispered into my ears, “Happy birthday love, this was my present to you.” I let out a shy giggle.“It was perfect. I couldn’t ask for anything better on my birthday!” I whispered back.  It truly was the perfect night.

Sekaiichi Hatuskoi 16-17 - Anime Evo



6 thoughts on “Unordinary Pt.1”

  1. Hi Karishma,

    I usually don’t like reading about romance (too gushy for me). But I loved this piece! I love the voice of the narrator, because it adds so much personality and description to the overall piece. In the end, the writing just makes you feel happy for the couple.

    For improvement, I would suggest structuring the writing into several paragraphs and adding separate paragraphs for dialogue. This would allow for more cohesiveness. (It also helps the reader from not getting lost while in the midst of enjoying your amazing writing).

    Overall, amazing work! I hope you keep writing even as this semester comes to an end.



    1. Dear Ibadat,
      Thank you so much for taking time to read my work I am really glad that you enjoyed my piece, and I am really glad that my writing has changed the way you look at romance! Thank you so much for the feedback I totally agree about the spacing in this piece, and I am going to go back and fix it because I didn’t realize that t was hard to read when I posted it but now that you brought it up to notice I am going to fix it right away!

      I really appreciate the feedback and I look forward to reading your work as well!


  2. Dear Karishma,
    This piece was so cute! I was expecting some sort of tragic ending, but this was great. It was such a happy piece to read, and I finished it with a literal smile on my face.
    For improvement, I noticed that you had a few run-on sentences throughout. If you fix those, it would really improve the piece and keep the readers attention.
    I really enjoyed reading it though, and look forward to reading your summative assignment.

    1. Dear Gurman,
      Thank you for taking the time to read my piece I really appreciate the time you took to read my piece, for improvement I will make sure to go back and check my grammar as sometimes I forget to add period or commas in places! I also look forward to reading you summative!


  3. Dear Karishma,

    While reading your piece, I had a great sense of nostalgia towards the idol culture in Korea, specifically from dating between idols. It reminded me of Dispatch, which I’m not sure is a good or bad thing. Nonetheless, I definitely enjoyed reading a sweet romance piece from you. I was expecting something more in the depths of murder, so romance is a nice change.

    I do have criticism towards your writing structure, characterization, and setting.

    One criteria that you could work on is the structuring of the writing itself. Spacing it out would be a lot more ideal for the reader, as it provides breaks for flow and looks better in general.

    As well, I would’ve loved to learn more about your characters and their backstories, such as Karina and Hanni. One question that came to my mind was why exactly Karina moved to Seoul specifically. As a doctor, I believe moving to a new country wouldn’t be as ideal. I’m assuming she’s foreign due to her name, as Karina isn’t exactly Korean (side note: it did remind me of AESPA, but Karina’s stage name is her baptisal one). As well, Hanni isn’t exactly a male Korean name (based off of Hani, which is a Korean name for girls usually). Based off of idol culture, I do want to know more about Hanni as an idol. While you did develop them as a couple, I didn’t learn much from them as individuals.

    Seoul is a beautiful place, and I enjoyed your inclusion of the cherry blossoms. One part I found particularly jarring was the focus on the “strange box”. I’m still not sure what that is. Is it a box? What’s strange about it? That whole portion of the story in specifics is confusing to me.

    Overall, I’m excited to see how your writing improves! Personally, I try to avoid writing about characters based in foreign countries I’m unfamiliar with. I’m glad that you managed to tackle such an obstacle! In my opinion, I would say to be more conscious of Korean culture before writing about it.


  4. Dear Cindy,
    Thank you for taking time to read my piece, I am really grateful for your feedback, to answer some of your question, the reason there is hardly any back story behind the characters is because this piece is like a trailer to my summative which actually goes in depth with characters and who they really are. The reason Karina moves to Seoul as a doctor is because she get’s a job offer ( unfortunately I can’t say more or else it will ruin my summitive). As for the names yes Karina is not Korean as I wanted to make her a foreigner for fun and for Hanni’s name it is actually a Japanese name but it is also a unisex name based off my research.

    As for the box it was a box that had no purpose and was described as strange because in all the two character are a couple who are not at all normal, thus the strange box just kind of being there. I agree with you on trying to avoid witting about different cultures but I wanted to try something different this time because I was really fascinated by the Korean culture and I wanted to give it a shot, I can definitely say though I am a little conserved with my writing because I have to be very careful with my writing to make sure I don’t say something wrong.

    In all I am glad you like my piece I will definitely work on the feed back you left me with.
    I also look forward to reading your work as well.


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